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New Semester

Yeah i've started updating again. What do you want to do about it? Most everything updated.

Christmas Break

Ahhh. I see you've come back. Well Christmas Break....what was the word....sucked. Yes it very well sucked for awhile. I mean I loved hanging out with my brothers and mom and extended family...well not so much extended family. But I mean I didn't hang out with anyone close to my age until I went skiing. I got lots of great gifts and it was fun. New years eve..yes trival persuit with the family. Great. But skiing was awesome. I miss everyone I didn't get to visit in Georgia very much. You guys should come visit me sometime. If you even remember me nowadays.

1-18-04-My webpage is good


People I do not Understand%%%%%%The Whistler

Ok let me set this up. MSU vs. UK Great game. Good seats. But alas something went wrong....terribly terribly wrong. Our group set next to a "whistler." What is a Whistler you may ask? Well this is a guy who does the very loud whistle with his two fingers in his mouth every 5 seconds. I mean literally how long it takes to put the two figers down and back up again. When the whistler is out of breath he does the loudest damn clapping he can and any possible time. I mean during a time out. I mean please why are you cheering. I just wish you would jump out of your chair and hit the hard wood...umm hard. This guy ruined the basketball game. I mean i clapped in unison with him and the very few times it was quiet we yelled at him to stop whistling. In my opinion this man was why we lost that game. Not only that but he is also responsible for me losing a small piece of my soul. Thank you Whistler may both your arms fall off as to not clap or whister ever again. I will never understand you.

Advice for Life

When the ski patrol says "I just saw you all crash and burn 4 times your a danger...blah blah blah...go to less advanced slopes." After your warm up run down a black diamond. Do what we did. Laugh..and ski down it later while making fun of what she said all day.

Girl Of The Week
Elisha Cuthbert....You may remember her from Old School as the boss's daughter the main character sleeps with. She is also the lead in the movie The Girl Next Door. She is wow. I mean do I really need to say anymore?
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